Hellkat's Scratching Post! (kukugirl) wrote,
Hellkat's Scratching Post!

He Who Shall Remain Nameless…

I laugh, I smile, I’m happy

It is he who makes me so…

It’s hard as hard can be

And I continue to make him go…

Away from me, away from you

Where will he go & to whom?

To think of him leaving me

Tears me up inside,

I was to run, I want to hide…

He says, “I hate you,” I hate him too

He knows what this means, & so do you…

To find someone, something so rare

Can take a toll, but I’ll pay the fare

You brilliant man, you stupid genius

Just you and I just what’s between us

To have & to hold

For as long as we can

Just 1 woman & just 1 man…
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